Zero Waste Southwest Inspired Salad

Living “zero waste” or sustainably has forced me to make healthier food choices. Avoiding plastic forces you to think creatively about what to buy and meal planning. I went through a pretty serious salad phase. Honestly, because I couldn’t come up with much else when I first started! I would stroll through the produce section trying to think about something easy and filling. All I thought was, “um, lettuce?” Regardless, I have to say my southwest inspired salad turned out to be my go to lunch for a few weeks. Here’s how I made it (without waste!).

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Why Being Eco-Friendly in Public Causes Me Anxiety

Anxiety. That’s a word that gets tossed around quite often. Certain situations cause anxiety in certain people. Me for example – there is nothing that makes me more panicky than feeling like everyone is staring at me. It causes my hands to tremble, my face turns read, my heart explodes in my chest to the point I can hear it in my ears. If you have anxiety, you know what I am referring to all too well. When I am at home, secluded from those people staring at me, I can be completely myself. The second I step outside – I realize I am opening myself up to this judgmental society.

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Must-Have Essential Oils for Winter


This common oil is best used as medicine for headaches. A little dab on the back of your neck can naturally relieve headaches quickly. This refreshing oil uplifts you and helps stimulate your senses.


Now on the contrary, lavender is best used before bed. Known for its relaxing qualities, a small amount on the corner of your pillow will cause you to melt into the mattress. I use this every night before laying down, which also encourages nightly routine. Routine is also a huge factor in letting your brain know its time for sleep. The best duo to catch some Z’s.

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KL Nail Polish


I am really excited to share with you all that one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Kathleen Lights, has come out with a cruelty and paraben free nail polish line! Kathleen Lights has been on You Tube since 2013. I haven’t been watching her since 2013, but I have recently fallen in love with her channel because she is extremely down to earth, relatable, and amazing at doing makeup!  She started off with making videos about what makeup products she had and bought because she loved makeup and creating makeup looks.  Even though she doesn’t buy only eco-friendly products, she creates make up looks that people can easily substitute out for eco-friendly or your favorite makeup products.

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Actress and Recording Artist Zendaya Launches

Multi-talented actress and recording artist Zendaya officially unveiled Daya by Zendaya, the first ever direct-to-customer celebrity fashion line with the power of an e-commerce website. Daya by Zendaya is inspired by her own journey and represents all aspects of her life – who she is in front of the cameras and behind the scenes.

Daya by Zendaya is a true reflection of me and my crazy life. One moment I’m Michael Kors’ date to the Met Gala…the next moment I’m in joggers, grocery shopping and arguing with my niece about what quinoa is… you’ll see it all,” said Zendaya.


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