About Style Conscious

Hi all! My name is Kali, the editor and creator of Style Conscious. I first got interested in writing, photography, and blogging back in college when I took my business writing course. A single mother entrepreneur taught the course; she inspired so much creativity and encouraged breaking the rules. I’ve made many attempts since that course to start a blog, but nothing really stuck. I was the type of person who thought everything on my blog needed to fit inside this little tiny, niche box. I started Style Conscious after college, when I started learning all of the horrors of the fashion industry. The same industry I just spent 4 years learning about. I kept Style Conscious in that little tiny box, only being about ethical fashion. But my passions expanded. From there, I become interested in overall eco-friendly living. Creating a lifestyle that focused more on the environment also instilled a desire to treat my body better. So, I then started putting fitness and nutrition high on my priority list. I’ve learned from this that things do not need to fit inside a tiny box. It’s okay to be interested and passionate about more than one thing.

Style Conscious is a space for people who want to learn more about overall healthier living, for ourselves and globally. I realize I may only be one person, but I hope that by following along I can inspire people to take better care of themselves and the environment, for those two things are linked so closely. Thank you so much for visiting and following along. Every visit is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy, xo.