Eco-Beauty Interview


Hello Eco-Beauty readers! Today I wanted to share with you some insights creating your own natural beauty products! Below is an interview with Margaret Fohlmeister, my amazing and extremely talented aunt, talking about her soon to be brand Proof! I never really realized one could make their own beauty products until a few holidays ago, I tried one of her lip products, Peppermint Cookie chap stick in a sustainable tin, and it left my lips feeling extremely hydrated! Not to mention it actually smelled like a peppermint cookie! I thought it was the coolest thing! It is not only eco-friendly but can be totally fun to make as well!


  1. What made you want to start making your own beauty products?

I had just completed a fitness challenge at my local gym that included specific nutrition guidelines.  I noticed, by improving what I was eating (minimally processed, organic, etc.), my skin looked and felt better.  For example, I always struggled with acne on my arms and upper back and it literally disappeared in the 30 days of changing my diet.  This inspired me to do a little more research, if “eating clean” had this kind of effect, it reasoned that using “clean” products could do the same.  Not to mention the years of spending gobs of money on expensive products and not really knowing what was in them or seeing any concrete evidence of improvement.  It really started though because I enjoyed it.  I love the idea of taking a few simple ingredients and turning them into something wonderful and useful.

  1. What is in your line of products?

Organic, all natural, minimally processed or even raw ingredients.  Depending on the product I’m making, I use organic raw shea butter, organic cold pressed coconut oil, 100% grass-fed beef tallow (this is my favorite), essential oils, tocopherol (vitamin E), apple cider vinegar, rose water, organic jojoba, olive, and almond oils… to name a few. 

  1. What types of ingredients do you use?

As I mentioned before, I use organic, all natural, minimally processed or even raw ingredients.  What I learned through all my research was that 1. What you put on your skin, you put into your body.  Your skin is your largest organ and everything that it soaks into it, is going to be on the inside too.  2. Minimally processed/raw ingredients tend to be best.  A lot of the conventional beauty products boast some amazing ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil etc.) but it’s hard for us the consumer to know just how those ingredients are sourced and used and in what quantities. Not to mention that the processing methods used in conventional products (heating at high temperatures, added preservatives, etc.) often negate the naturally occurring benefits of these ingredients.

  1. How did you learn to make your own beauty products?

I started by checking out different recipes I found in some of the books and websites I was reading along the way.  Once I had a better understanding of the ingredients I liked best, I started to experiment with my own combinations to get the product I was looking for. 

  1. How do you feel about the eco-friendly beauty in the market today? Do you find yourself drawn to these types of brands more?

I love it and absolutely!  I’m not an expert in the market at all, but for the most part I’ve loved what I’ve found.  From my experience, people who are a part of this trend tend to be very passionate about what they are doing, which is essential. The movement in general is important, anything that gets people to start thinking about what they’re putting on their bodies and where it comes from, is a positive thing.

  1. If you could change something about the eco-friendly make up on the market today what would it be?

I don’t know that there is anything I would change, but I’m still kind of a newbie. 

  1. How has your experience been with selling your products on Etsy? How easy/accessible is it for you to communicate with your customers?

Not there yet, but will be very soon!  I hope to have at least a few products ready to go in early 2018.

Please comment below if you have any extra questions about creating your own eco-beauty products! Thanks for reading!

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Coffee Lover’s Face Mask

Happy Fall everyone! I don’t know about you but I am so ready for cooler weather, chunky scarves and as always a Pumpkin Spice Latte!! I know that might seem a little cliché but this is seriously my favorite time of year! Personally for me, this is when I feel the most inspired when it comes to getting creative and wanting to do more on my days off from work! So that means pinning everything on Pinterest! That is a gold mine for all things DIY! They have amazing face mask recipes that are 100% eco-friendly because you are using all natural food ingredients!  These are really easy to get your hands on, especially this one I’m going to talk about below! It is the coffee face mask!!


Not only is coffee a must have drink in my life, especially working retail, when I want to get anything done!  This recipe consists of ground coffee and milk. So seriously, it is so simple!



1 tablespoon of coffee (any type will work)

1 ½ tablespoons of milk

Mix together well and let it sit for several minutes before you apply to your face.  After about 5 minutes wipe the mixture all over your dry face, avoiding the eye area.  Let it sit on your face for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cool to warm water.

Not only am I loving the smell of coffee on my face but once I rinsed it off I can seriously see a difference and it ended up clearing out some of my black heads in my T-Zone as well. While I had the mask on I did feel some tingling but not any major skin irritation.  If it is too uncomfortable for your then I would advise rinsing it off right away.  Again I have oily skin so this mask really helped balance out oiliness and clear up dirt on my face as well.


After some research, coffee has tons of antioxidants that will calm down the skin if you have acne prone skin. Which is why I am loving this mask after just one use! I mean it didn’t clear up all of my acne but it definitely left my skin feeling smooth and brighter. The lactic acid in milk is commonly known as salicylic acid which helps with clearing up blemishes and is filled with vitamins that will help with making your skin soft too.  The mixture feels like an exfoliant and really clears away any dead skin cells. To sum it up if you have oily, acne prone skin like I do then you will love this mask! Not only does it clear away dirt and blemishes but it is completely eco-friendly! Tell me how you like it down below and what other house hold facial masks you really enjoy!

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A Quick and Easy Way to Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Cleaning your makeup brushes and applicators is extremely important.  If you use your brushes every day or at least on a weekly basis, it is good to clean them once a week or more to help your complexion stay clear and clean.  Unclean makeup brushes can hold a lot of bacteria and leave your skin prone to acne breakouts. And who wants that?!  Below I will walk you through the types of brushes and beauty blending sponge I use and how I clean them!


When I start doing my every day makeup I start with a primer, I will just use my hands to rub it into my skin, then I will use my foundation brush to stipple in my foundation to my face so it doesn’t leave any streaks.  I like to use a short hair synthetic brush so the product doesn’t get trapped in the bristles.  I like to clean this brush once a week.


After my foundation is applied I will go in with my concealer. Normally the concealer I used will have a sponge wand already attached to the product and I will use that to apply it to my face.  After I have my concealer on I will use a beauty blending sponge to blend the concealer into the areas I applied it.  I love the beauty blender for this because it does a beautiful job at blending out liquid concealer.  I will tend to wash my beauty sponge every 2 days to prolong the life of it.




Once my foundation and concealer are applied, I will go in with a translucent setting powder to set my face.  Since I have oily skin I like to set my face with a powder to make my base makeup last as long as possible.  I will use a large fluffy brush for this since I will take it all over my face.  I will wash this brush once a week since the loose powder doesn’t 100% stay in the brush.


I will go to bronzing my face after my translucent powder has set.  I will again take a synthetic haired brush that has bristles on the shorter side but not as short as the foundation brush.  I will use the brush to sweep the bronzing powder under my cheek bones, at the hair line on my forehead, and under my jaw line to define my face.  I will wash this brush once a week as well.


Next I will go in with applying blush using an angled tapered synthetic haired brush.  I will apply this on the apples of my cheeks and drag it above the line where I applied my bronzer on my cheeks. Since I use more of a neutral color in my blush I will wash my blush brush once a week since there isn’t a lot of product that I use with that particular brush.

I will use a couple of eye shadow brushes to apply my eye shadow look. For my crease I like to use a tapered brush to get the shadow in a precise place and then blend out the harsh lines. I also like to use a fluffier brush to apply and blend out the color I use on my eyelid.  I will also clean these brushes once a week.

dsc06897  dsc06898

For cleaning, I like to use the Eco Tools Makeup Brush Shampoo.  I will lather my brush under warm water and then lather the shampoo into the bristles.  I normally use a dime size amount for my bigger brushes and then a pea size amount for my smaller brushes.  After I rinse the brushes from the shampoo, I lay them flat to dry.  Typically, I will do this at night time so they dry overnight. Comment down below if you have another way to clean your brushes that works or if you have a ride or die DIY formula that you use!



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Essential Oils for Natural Healing

essential oils and medical flowers herbs

This isn’t exactly beauty or make up related but recently I have been trying out essential oils for natural healing versus popping an Advil every time I get a headache.  There are people out there that swear by essential oils and that they claim to heal all types of things from headaches to calming nerves, so I decided to give them a try.

Essential oils are pretty easy to get ahold of.  While I was doing some retail therapy shopping I decided to stop into TJ Maxx, I know dangerous when you aren’t looking for anything in particular.  I stopped by their beauty section and they actually have a wide variety of all types of natural, eco-friendly beauty products. I spotted a couple of essential oil sets that seemed pretty good for just starting out.  I picked up two different brands.  The first set I went with was the Nature Love, Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends.  Three different blends came in the package, Sleep, De-Stress, and Headache.  The Next set I chose was called Measurable Difference and had Peppermint, Lavender, and Frankincense oils.

The Measurable Difference essential oil set is a curated collection of three pure and natural therapeutic essential oils. They are made from the “aromatic essences of plants and are said to uplift your spirits and improve the environment.” I like the descriptions of each essential oil on this set a little more because it tells you the different types of things it can support in healing.

The Peppermint oil is said to be used for Arthritis, bronchitis, cold sores, colds, coughing, fever, flu, poor circulation, and sinusitis.  The Lavender oil can be used for many different types of aches and pains from headaches to stress.  The Frankincense oil can be used for healing asthma, exhaustion, fever, headache, nausea, and vertigo.

From the Nature Love essential oil set the Sleep blend consisted of Lavender, Ylan Ylang, and Sandalwood.  Sleep is supposed to help soothe your mind and body for a deeper and more restful sleep.  I really liked this blend and felt like it was really soothing when I was ready for a good night’s sleep.  I sometimes struggle with staying asleep throughout the whole night but when I used Sleep it helped me to feel extremely relaxed which I think helped my sleep a little better.  I put a small amount on my index finger and then dabbed it right under my nose so I could really take in the scent.

The Headache blend was one of my favorites and felt it worked the best.  It is a combination of Rosewood, Peppermint, and Lavender. The description states that this blend is helpful in relieving headache symptoms through the warming, cooling oils.  It will reduce the pain and pounding, while the sedative qualities help ease discomfort to calm and relax.  Again, I saw the most difference with this Headache blend when I was experiencing symptoms of a headache or neck ache.  I dabbed some of the oil on my index finger and rubbed it on the back of my neck, temples, and under my nose.

The De-Stress blend consists of Lavender, Chamomile, and Frankincense. The tranquil blend can help relieve discomfort associated with stress and anxiety. I felt this had the least effect on me for some reason. I work full time as a manager for a large retail brand and some days can be stressful. Yet the scent is calming when I initially smell it but didn’t 100% relieve the feeling of stress.

How else do you all use your essential oils? What scents or brands work for you? I would love to hear your personal testimonies!

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Ditch That Oily Skin!

Do you ever wonder why we can never seem to get rid of those annoying breakouts? Am I wearing the right make up or using the right skin care products? Do I need to cut out sugars in my diet? These are frequent questions I have asked myself since recently I can’t seem to get rid of those pesky breakouts or oily skin. I thought I ditched that when I was in high school! Never the less I am determined to try anything that will clear my skin and give it a healthy glow.

In efforts to live a more organic lifestyle I have been researching products and brands that are cruelty free, organic, and free from parabens and other harmful substances to the body. As you can imagine there are a lot of brands that claim they are 100% organic and eco-friendly. The commonality between most products and brands that claim to be organic is that they are all paraben, phthalate, sulfate, and cruelty free.


Now, why are parabens and phthalates important to stay away from? These chemicals are put in to cosmetics to preserve the product so it has a fresher, longer shelf life. The FDA has not banned these chemicals since cosmetics utilize a very little amount in the making of the product. These chemicals do not directly link to cancer but have shown up in breast tumors. There is much to debate over the pros and cons of parabens and phthalates but my instinct is to just go organic!

Like I said before, there are so many cosmetics and skin care products that are organic and cruelty free! Though some may be expensive, I have perused the internet and found that you can find eco-friendly beauty products at your local drug stores. I personally have oily skin and have been getting acne breakouts like no other, so I have been looking for skin care products that will help me with my facial issues. I came across the skin care brands Shea Moisture and Acure found at my local Target that I decided to give a try.


Shea Moisture carries a facial mask called African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask. I decided to pick it up because it is supposed to help blemish prone skin. The main ingredients in it are African Black Soap, Tamarind Extract, and Tea Tree Oil. The African Black Soap is for helping oily skin, Tamarind Extract is a natural astringent to help brighten the skin, and Tea Tree Oil will help to clear the skin. I applied a small amount to my finger tips and evenly spread it all over my face, avoiding eye and mouth contact. After leaving it on for the recommended ten minutes, I rinsed with warm water and pat my face dry with a towel. It left my face feeling really soft and after several hours my face still doesn’t feel oily.


I bought two products from the Acure brand. One was the Brightening Facial Scrub and the other was the Coconut and Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes. The Brightening Facial Scrub will help to exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin without taking natural moisture with it. I decided to buy the Coconut and Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes to remove my make up or just freshen up during the day if I wasn’t wearing any makeup.

BrighteningFacialScrub  acure_coconut-aragn-oil-cleansing-towelettes_1500x1500

I would love to hear what organic skin care products or at-home remedies that work for you!

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