Sustainable Style: Wear Your Clothes 30 Times

The 30 Wears Style Challenge

I’m a huge fan of Livia Firth, the wife of actor Colin Firth. She is someone who uses her fame to better this world, not add to its issues. I follow her on all social media and keep up with her consultancy called Eco-Age, where she created the Green Carpet Challenge. This challenge allows celebrities to show off their sustainable style to the public eye.

She is a firm believer in sustainable style and ethical fashion. From following her, I heard her speak of a 30 Wears Challenge. This challenges us to respect our clothes and the women who made them. The challenge is as simple as it sounds – you must wear an article of clothing 30 times or more. The average woman keeps a piece of clothing in her wardrobe for only 5 weeks. We have developed a disposable fashion culture. By wearing something 30 times, you are sustaining your wardrobe, rather than throwing it all away. Too often I see women purchasing an outfit for only one night. This challenge has forced me to get creative with what I already own.

Sustainable Style

Sustain your previous fast fashion purchases

In this outfit, I admit it’s a H&M sweater and jeans. However, I have had this top for 2 years and these jeans for about 5 years. I’m wearing flats I bought from TJ Maxx about 2 years ago. I bought these pieces before I had any idea of what fast fashion brand were doing to others around the globe or the environment. Since learning the effects of my purchases, I have vowed to keep a running tally of how much I wear my clothes. I’ll wear the same outfit multiple times because I obviously like it enough to wear it once or twice. Why not keep wearing it? Getting dressed is simpler when you have go-to outfits. I threw this on during our drive to Iowa over Easter weekend (this can’t be Chicago because look at that view!).


Style Sustainable


Take the challenge

I encourage each of you to take an honest look at your closet and ask yourself, “How many times have I worn that?” If you haven’t, find an outfit for it. Wear it. Respect the women who made that. I for a while felt so guilty for ever purchasing from fast fashion retailers, but I cannot change that now. What I can do is make sure I am taking care of my clothes and getting years of wear out of them. If you decide to take the challenge, please comment below on how it went and how you felt after wearing something 30 times.

Style Shoes


Photographed by Sam Meinders of Phase

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  1. This is quite an important post, as I’ve only recently been made aware of the waste involved in the fashion world. I suppose I knew it was wasteful, but not to what extent.

    I hadn’t heard of this challenge either. It would be good for Hollywood to adapt to this, as often they brag about only wearing things once, and so many young people look up to them.

    I rarely throw clothes away, and definitely wear them 30+ times. My fashion habits were very wasteful about 7 years ago; boy, am I glad I grew out of it!

    PS nice outfit 🙂

    1. I agree that Hollywood should adapt this ideology. So many people follow pop culture – I think its important that those in the spotlight represent issues within the fashion industries.
      Thanks for comment, Nadine!


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