Must-Have Essential Oils for Winter


This common oil is best used as medicine for headaches. A little dab on the back of your neck can naturally relieve headaches quickly. This refreshing oil uplifts you and helps stimulate your senses.


Now on the contrary, lavender is best used before bed. Known for its relaxing qualities, a small amount on the corner of your pillow will cause you to melt into the mattress. I use this every night before laying down, which also encourages nightly routine. Routine is also a huge factor in letting your brain know its time for sleep. The best duo to catch some Z’s.


Blending rose in a carrier oil creates an excellent hair root strengthener and anti-wrinkle concoction. This is perfect to protect your hair and skin during the harsh winter months. Another benefit includes combating depression and anxiety. I know for me that winter (especially post-holiday season) causes seasonal depression. I won’t be without my rose essential oil this year. Applying to your skin with a carrier oil or aromatherapy works best for rose.


Another minty favorite of mine. This is a good alternative if you think peppermint is just too much. Number one reason I use this essential oil is to reduce aches and pains. Best used in the bathtub, you can cool your body temperature down from a fever.


An antiviral and decongestant, this oil is a great natural remedy for cold and flu season. This works best in a steam inhaler to clear up your sinuses. If you don’t have a steam inhaler, boil some water with drops of oil. Once brought to a boil, hover over the pan with a towel over you and breathe in. A complete DIY!

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