Why Being Eco-Friendly in Public Causes Me Anxiety

Anxiety. That’s a word that gets tossed around quite often. Certain situations cause anxiety in certain people. Me for example – there is nothing that makes me more panicky than feeling like everyone is staring at me. It causes my hands to tremble, my face turns read, my heart explodes in my chest to the point I can hear it in my ears. If you have anxiety, you know what I am referring to all too well.¬†When I am at home, secluded from those people staring at me, I can be completely myself. The second I step outside – I realize I am opening myself up to this judgmental society.

I do a massive amount of research in regard to living sustainably or ‘going green.’ When I am in the comfort of hiding behind my computer, its easy to develop ideas and how to actually apply these principles to my daily life. Its easy to be inspired by others who are so willing to be who they are such as Bea Johnson or Lauren Singer. That’s because they are inspiring. But when it comes to myself, I have a difficult time being as forward. The funny thing is that I am actually pretty outspoken in general. I become meek when I know others may be judgemental or stare at me.

I’m at the grocery store with all my reusable totes and produce bags. It takes a few extra minutes for the bagger to strategically fill my groceries. I can feel the people behind me rolling their eyes and hear them sighing. That’s when the anxiety kicks in. No one enjoys others being rude, but I often find that is reality when I am in public. I see the glares, perhaps out of curiosity, as I fill the mason jar in the bulk section. I sometimes feel the annoyance if I kindly ask the waiter to provide a certain dish but without the meat. Although I know these people can use some patience¬†and a lesson about global health, it still sometimes causes me to want to stop. The sad reality is that people are unaware nor do they care about what I am doing. Logically, I know this should not stop me from pursuing a lifestyle I believe in. But since when has anxiety ever been logical?

So, what have I been doing to combat those judgey, rude people? I push through the anxiety or bring someone with me. Yes, the buddy system. Having a supportive person with you definitely helps aide the panic (Thanks, Sam). I have definitely cheated my values because of anxiety, which only left me to feel even worse after I left the temporary circumstance. I feel a lot of you may be able to relate to this. Its nerve wracking going against the status quo. Please, lets not allow anxiety or fear prevent us from living our values. Don’t allow others to dictate your actions or beliefs.

Who else has avoided a task or situation due to fear?


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  1. Hi Kali! Great post and I think ot was really super brave of you to share the struggles of being at times the only one on this green journey. Although we shouldn’t logically care, we are human and therefore when we do cheat on our values we have to be empathetic with ourselves. This leads to a more meaningful recovery when I am next tempted. Keep up the fantastic good work! Love your blog!

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